“Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam”

"Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam" 2

A very serious and criminal act is being reported by different people.

A scammer by the name Ibrahim Anuoluwapo Quddles.- 07036541246(his mtn line) has been defrauding unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard earned money.

"Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam" 3

According to a report sent to us, the scammer created a group on WhatsApp and named it ‘MR. ALFRED CORRECT SCORES.’ He added over 200 members and claims he works with Naijabet, there by having access to automatic winning odd numbers of naijabet.

To have access to this so-called winning numbers and have them sent to you privately, you’ve to pay a sum of N12-N30k. Thousands of people have been paying according to information reaching us. One Mr. John Adobi paid in 12k yesterday, and after the scammer confirmed the payment, he blocked his victim, remove them from the group and also block their line.

"Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam" 4

A petition is being prepared to be sent to the Central Bank of Nigeria to freeze the account and invite the owner for a meeting, which would have all the victims in attendance. A complaint has been lodged to Access Bank and still awaiting their response.

"Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam" 5

The scammer claims he lives and resides in Abuja and uses the picture of another to impersonate. Here are some correspondence of what he has been sending and using to defraud people.

"Beware Of Fake Naijabet Scam" 6

His account information is 0025966896
Ibrahim Anuoluwapo Quddles
Access bank

Transaction history of the payment made yesterday:

Your Acct 307XXXX494 Has Been Debited with NGN12,000.00 On 29-NOV-2020 11:21:30 By FIP:USSD:ACC/QUDDLES ANUOLUWAPO/USSD_ADO.

An alert has also been sent to the Facebook team as the rightful owners of WhatsApp.

Please, free free to email, call or send a message on WhatsApp to 08030997843 (John Francis Ozekhome)
Twitter: ozeks1
FB: John Francis Ozek’s

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