‘City of Refuge’ Releases Communique on New Nation After 25th-Anniversary Celebration

'City of Refuge' Releases Communique on New Nation After 25th-Anniversary Celebration 2

The just-concluded 3-Day celebration of the 25th anniversary of City of Refuge Ministries in Lekki, Lagos, was explosive in character and scripture delivery. But more importantly, it was an expression of the state of the nation.

Weeks and days to the celebration, the church which is presided over by Bishop Oscar Ossai, had promised that it will use the occasion of the silver anniversary celebration of the church, to launch out a new nation for Nigeria, by convening a Convention for thst purpose which attracted many church leaders.

The major highlights of the 3 Day event and Convention are as follows:

The convention noted and condemned a carnal version of the Golden Rule which is now prevalent in the country, that is, ‘He who holds the gold, makes the Rule.’

The Convention further noted that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is critical to having a new nation as righteousness is needed in order for Nigeria to excel.

The convention also reiterated that it is the responsibility of the church to provide direction for governance to the people.

The Convention noted with heavy heart the failure of the Church of Jesus Christ in providing and exercising the authority divinely given by God.

The convention posited that the essential ingredients for a new nation include: Sancrosanct and uncompromised Rule of Law and Productivity Paradigm. People should be paid on the basis of productivity.

Meritocracy should be enshrined in the national value system.

Education and youth empowerment should be emphasised.

Security of lives and properties must be guaranteed.

We must have, a new people with a new mindset.

At the end, the Convention emerged with a communique for the re-birth of a New Nation as stated thus:

  1. That a new mindset is needed to birth a new church order. A new church order that will in turn give birth to the new church. The church therefore propose a launch of a new approach to Nigerian leadership / Politics called NCM : Nigerian Christian consensus movement with details coming out soon.
  2. The Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria must be restored to sound biblical doctrines.
  3. Nigeria as a nation Must bring forth evidence of repentance because without Righteousness, the new nation would never become a reality.
  4. Efforts must be put in place for a new value system that promotes the Rule of law, productivity, meritocracy, education and youth development, adequate security and a new mindset.

Speakers at the event were: Dr Cosmas ikechukwu, Pastor Bosu Emmanuel and host Bishop Oscar Ossai.

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