COVID-19: Mikano Internationa Limited Dismiss over 600 workers

COVID-19: Mikano Internationa Limited Dismiss over 600 workers 2

Mikano International Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, has dismissed over 600 workers as a result of biting Coronavirus effect.
Staff and Family members of some of the sacked workers expressed shock over the sack.
According to one of the affected staff, “I have just returned from a trip of delivering generators to a nearby state when I was called upon to take my sack letter. “This is a very disturbing situation. How do I feed my family during this lockdown? I sincerely do not know what came over them on this mass sack.” A copy of the letter sighted by our reporter from the company, said after appraisal, the company felt that their services were no longer needed, and wished them luck in their future endeavour.

But expressing anger on the sudden dismissal, another staff affected by the sacked said “Which appraisal are they talking about? Look, in the next two weeks, Mikano will still employ staff, that has been their way but what is now disturbing is why this time? “Where do I go from here, it is quite heartless of the company to render us ineffective. Rising cases of crime are everywhere, what else should I do?”.

A visit to Mikano International office located at Acme Road to verify the information proved abortive, as security personnel attached to the company barred the reporter from the office.
.Mikano International Limited is a sole manufacturers of Mikano Generators and also franchise holders of Geeky and ZNA6 brand of vehicles.

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