DJ Switch Must Tell Us Who Directed The Instagram Live Video

DJ Switch Must Tell Us Who Directed The Instagram Live Video 2
DJ Switch

However Nigerians present this Lekki regrettable incident, emotions will never take the place of logic. Yes lives have been lost in this protest all over Nigeria & yes there were shootings at Lekki Toll but never a massacre. 
However, there have been too many lies about the number of people, & I find this disheartening bcos even one life lost is bad enough.
No matter how you hate me, curse or call names, it doesn’t change the truth from remaining the truth. Soldiers came to Lekki toll gate and fired bullets in the air for 30minutes, people scampered for safety and there was first-degree stampede that night. Over 100 people got injured, stray bullet hit 3 and all of them are still in the hospital while one of them died the next day.
If you can pause and think, the first thing you will ask yourself is. Since they call this a massacre 
1. Why was there no single drop of blood at Lekki toll gate the next morning after the shooting and the road is tarred of which you can see everything on the ground.
2. With the bullets we saw on the ground in the morning after the shooting, if soldiers actually fired straight bullets at protesters, don’t you think it’s a trailer that will be used to pack dead bodies the next day
3. Let us agree soldiers killed 100people and moved them away. Now ask yourselves, did they come back with water, hypo and buckets to wash the whole of Lekki toll gate? To the extent we didn’t see a drop of blood from what Nigerians termed massacre 
4. Let us agree that soldiers killed 100people, moved their bodies away, came back and washed the whole ground with hypo, let’s ask ourselves, what are their names, who are their parents and friends, why haven’t any family in Lagos come out since then to say my children are not yet back from Lekki protest?
If Nigeria does not kill fake news, fake news will kill Nigeria.
Over 20people Nigerians posted their pics and videos claiming they died during the so-called massacre have come out to deny and say they are all alive.
99% of pics and videos flying around social media turned out to be fake.
CNN and BBC finally found out most of the news is fake and have retracted most of the pics they displayed initially.
What everyone is now asking is that. Why should soldiers come and fire bullets in the first place, nobody is calling it massacre anymore. 
All the noise ended up as lies and hoax. Even the CCTV camera they raised alarm that was removed at the toll gate turned out to be lies.
Those doing the lying are actually doing more disservice to the movement bcos it casts all else in doubt. 
I maintain; you can condemn both the shooting & the lies.
                                                                                Pigo Hedliger.

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