Fill The Earth,Conquer it- Fada Oluma

Fill The Earth,Conquer it- Fada Oluma 2

Albert Einstein propounded the theory of relativity. It was a revolutionary discovery in theoretical physics, it overthrew the Newtonian worldview and replaced other theories that explained the universe. It is still regarded as the most intelligent concept in Physics till date. The theory of relativity was supposed to explain the laws or principles of physics that govern everything that exists in the entire universe. Einstein and fellow physicists had barely woken from the euphoria of this discovery when they were confronted with an opposing reality. It was discovered and proven that the theory of relativity collapses in the atomic and subatomic world.

The behaviors of subatomic particles defy Einstein’s theory. By the logic of physics, it was a miasmic dilemma. Everything material that exists are made of these particles: the planets, stars, galaxies, gases, rain, moi moi, you and me. How comes the fundamental building materials of the universe obey different rules from their products? Einstein called it spooky, his nice way of expressing shock.

Fill The Earth,Conquer it- Fada Oluma 3

The thing is, Einstein’s theory made the universe predictable once you have the right coordinates. You can calculate distances, life spans, outcome of events etc. You can’t do that with the subatomic particles or the atomic world. Physicists now hold that the the theory of relativity explains the macro universe while quantum mechanics or theory explains the micro world.

Oops, I’m sure you are bored now, you are probably asking what the heck is this priest rambling about science and quoting the scientists instead of bible, or you maybe asking how all these science gibberish affect your life. Unfortunately they do. I’m sure you have heard of atomic bomb? USA dropped some slices of it in two Japanese cities during the 2nd World War, the devastation was out of this world. The only good is that it helped to end the 2nd World War as it forced the Japanese to surrender. That bomb came from this Einstein formular: E=MC( the C is squared, I don’t know how to type C square with my phone 😥🙄🙄). E is energy, M is matter, C is the constant and represents the speed of light. Nothing travels faster than light and the speed of light is constant everywhere. You see why Jesus calls himself the Light of the world 😎. Well, seeing the destruction caused by the bombs, Einstein regretted disclosing the formula to the American government. He never forgave himself, he just couldn’t live with the fact that a beautiful piece of science can become a weapon of destruction. Let’s cut him some slack, he escaped Germany to reveal the secret to the US government bc the Nazis were working on it, and, oh dear me, if Hitler had developed the atomic bomb first, hehehehehehe, you don’t want to know his plan for Africa and other races considered as inferior and impure.

So, that formula says that E:Energy is matter liberated or released, M: matter is energy trapped. It means you can convert any material thing into energy, so don’t be surprised when coal was used to power trains and can still be used to produce electricity. Water, sunlight and air are used to produce electric energy, same with gas. Even your faeces can be converted into energy. You know about Nuclear weapons right? The big dudes with it control the world, that’s America, Russia, France, UK, China. You can also produce power from nuclear elements. Now you are seeing how Einstein’s “boring” physics affects you 🙄. Don’t go away yet. You know about GPS and Google Map? They are all products of Einstein’s physics. When you fly from Nigeria to US or any other country, just knowing the route and how long the flight will take are just a part of the story. If your flight leaves Nigeria by 7am and is supposed to get to Florida after 8 hours, that’s 3pm. Fine, 3pm in Nigeria might be 8pm in US, because time is relative. If the calculations are not made well, planes will be colliding and clashing mid air or at runway. Let’s clap for Einstein abeg. This applies to trains too. We are yet to tap into the prospects of quantum physics.

Tell me an aspect of your life that is not dependent on science? Agriculture, education, health, entertainment, even religion(the technologies we use in churches)are products of scientific researches and discoveries. Tell me how they will not be in control. Anyways, imagine what scientists are doing and will do in the future?
Where did they get the ability for all that? It’s Gen 1:28: “God blessed them, saying to them, ‘be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds if the air…”. Scientists are exploring that blessing and coming out with things that make them masters. Now imagine the destruction a nuke bomb can cause and imagine if it enters the hands of the ungodly. When next your pastor or your priest excites you with such bombastic words like “the spiritual controls the physical, we decide what happens in this world, we are in charge” please ask yourself what exactly you control? Common political office you are not there, but you are in every crusade ground jumping up and down in ecstasy that you are the boss in the world.

On prosperity, please don’t even get me started on this one. A minister of the gospel will buy a piece of aircraft or exotic car and displays it as outcome of anointing and followers are screaming and claiming the anointing for prosperity, chai. What about the man who owns the industry that manufactures the jets or cars? Under what anointing is he operating? If owning a bread is a sign of anointing I should be wise to follow the person who owns a bakery and not one who buys bread. You feel me?

I was moved to bore and inflict you with this write up because of the controversies about the cure for COVID-19 and other issues that leave Christians whinning out of ignorance or helplessness. Many ministers have been crying wolf about the touted vaccine, how it is a Trojan horse that will implant the so called chip of the anti Christ. In all of these, no Christian Church, especially those ones singing the conspiracy theories songs has taken it upon themselves to go into the lab or fund some Christian epidemiologists and pharmacists to go and research on “Christian vaccine”. Science is not anti Christ, a scientist can be. The laws of science do not discriminate human beings on basis of religion, race or region. If Christians don’t use science, science will use them, science will operate inspite of faith. So far, science has proven to be one of the ways man can CONQUER THE EARTH as Gen 1:28 declares. The era of a Moses holding up a stick and the sea divides into two has gone, the Moses of this era are those who build bridges over the sea, build submarines, ships and aircrafts for crossing over the seas multiple times. These are the powers available for us to use for good.

My point is, even science admits of duality or variety. The true validity of science isn’t in a rigid homogeneity but in a demonstrable reliability. Medicine for me is anything that cures sickness without adverse effects. We don’t need WHO or UN or big Pharmas to permit any drug to work. If Christians are not ready to fund scientific researches in crucial areas that affect daily life, then let’s keep shut and be playing second fiddle to the scientists doing the job. My job is to remind us that as long as we keep neglecting the sciences behind reality, we will remain noise makers, at best pious noisemakers with only imaginary dominion on the earth.

Einstein, by the way was a Christian. He said: “God does not play dice”. The statement was a further expression of his frustration with the unpredictability of the quantum world. Yes, God doesn’t play dice bc He doesn’t need to, we can, let’s play the dice of science.

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