Jonathan Sends Thought-Provoking Message to Political Class

Jonathan Sends Thought-Provoking Message to Political Class 2

Former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has urged the political class in Bayelsa to imbibe Christian virtues of love, tolerance, and unity to build a united and prosperous State.

Jonathan who spoke at the 9th Bayelsa State Thanksgiving Day in Yenagoa on Monday, noted that politicians in the state should emulate those in the body of Christ who despite having different denominations and doctrines, unite to advance the Christian faith.

“The political class should learn from the body of Christ. That is my only message today. There are so many denominations but all of them believe in one God, through Christ and that brings them together always.”

Jonathan who reminded politicians in the state that their primary interest in being in politics is to serve the people and advance their welfare also called on them to see themselves as friends and work together to develop Bayelsa.

“In Bayelsa State, the political class should understand that why we are in politics is to advance the course of the people. No matter our political parties and interests, we must see ourselves as friends and unite to develop our state.

“After the elections what follows is governance. We should support those who by providence have emerged victorious in the last elections.

“We must not continue in enmity. Irrespective of our political parties, we must work together and love ourselves. There are places where husband and wife belong to different political parties, siblings belong to different political parties but the common interest of the family is retained.

“Let us retain the common interest of Bayelsa, irrespective of our political persuasions. If we continue to work together and put the interest of the state ahead of every other thing, then surely Bayelsa will develop.”

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