LASEMA Recovers,40feet Container

LASEMA Recovers,40feet Container 2

LASEMA has recovered two vehicles due to brake failures at Mile 2 and Ikeja respectively.

It was reported that, the incident occurred at Mile 2 and Sunrise “The LASEMA Response Team, arrived at the scene of the incident, it was discovered that a forty feet container truck derailed from the road and ran into a culvert The cause of the incident was caused by brake failure.

“However, there were no injuries at the scene, while LASTMA and the officers of The Nigeria Police Force were on at the scene of the incident

” The 40 feet container truck has been recovered with heavy-duty equipment (Crane), “.

LASEMA Recovers,40feet Container 3

Similarly, it was reported that Report at the Airport Bus Stop, towards Ikeja Along an incident, occurred ” the LASEMA officials on arrival at the scene discovered a truck fully loaded with scrap metals that rolled backwards while ascending the Local Airport link bridge due to brake failure.

“The driver of the truck while struggling to regain control, rammed into the entrance of Rtd Gen. Minimah Estate, destroying a part of the Estate fence in the process, ” The truck has been recovered and placed with the use of the Agency’s heavy-duty equipment” (Crane)

LASEMA Recovers,40feet Container 4

“However, there was no loss of life also no injuries was recorded due to the incident, the Officers of Lasema were at the incident.

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