Massive Explosion Hits Lebanon

Massive Explosion Hits Lebanon 2

Dozens of people were killed and at least 2,500 people were hurt after an explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon.

This comes on the heels of massive inflation and unemployment, in a country already struggling against #COVID19.

The blast was caused by Chemicals stored in Port

Lebanon’s health ministry says the death toll from the #Beirut explosion has risen to at least 50.

Over 2,750 other people were injured. Victims are still being located and taken away from the blast site. A soldier at the port said: “It’s a catastrophe inside.”

Several hospitals in #Beirut were damaged by the explosion. Some are asking for generators to keep power on as they evacuate patients.

“This is a catastrophe,” said a doctor.

Lebanon is already dealing with a major economic crisis and power cuts; the govt is appealing for aid.

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