Memo To GOV. Babajide Sanwo-Olu Over The Proposed 6-month Closure of 3rd Mainland Bridge

Memo To GOV. Babajide Sanwo-Olu Over The Proposed 6-month Closure of 3rd Mainland Bridge 2

Your Excellency, let me first congratulate you on your One Year Anniversary in office, and also commend your efforts in combating/curtailing the deadly Corona Virus in Lagos.
You are doing well Sir.
It’s no doubt that Lagos State has experienced few changes since you assumed office a year ago, most especially the dumpsites that took over Lagos.
Sir, about the proposed closure of Third Mainland Bridge for 6-month .
Yes, you may have right excuses not to begin the repair of the popular bridge during the national lockdown but you may be wrong to embark on the repairs if you have not considered the following:

  • The alternative routes are in very bad conditions.
    -Ikorodu road, one of the major alternative routes, is in bad shape especially this time of rainy season, very narrow as there is always total lock down whenever there is breakdown of cars and heavy trucks.
    Moreover, there are many unnecessary bus-stops and danfo drivers recklessness that always cause gridlock on service lanes.
    -Yaba/Oyingbo is another major alternative routes but traders have taken over the major parts of the road especially in Oyingbo market, thereby causing gridlock on normal days.
    Breaking of traffic laws by the danfo delivers is another existing headache on these routes.
  • Ojuelegba/ EKO bridge, another good alternative routes, unfortunately it’s no longer news that these are regular routes for Oil Tankers /Trailers and also use as parking lot. This has been an age long nightmare for motorists.
    However, some parts of the EKO bridge are very bad and it seems it’s been abandoned for 3rd Mainland bridge as it rarely experience regular repairs and maintenance.
  • Oshodi/Apapa expressway is another major concern as alternative route. Constructions are still on going and some parts of the road are closed.
  • Apart from the bad shape of the inner roads, most have been turned to parking lot, markets..etc
  • Menace of Danfo drivers and unauthorised bus-stops, which always cause gridlock on a normal day.
  • What about security? Many people including yours truly have been robbed severely in traffic due to potholes , gridlock and breakdown of heavy vehicles.
    Now that 3rd Mainland bridge about to be closed for 6-month when the existing problems are yet to be fixed, whala dey o!
    Anyway, Sir, I know that you are a sensitive and reasonable Governor, and I’m proud of your success so far as Lagos is not an easy state to govern.
    Please while considering the 4th Mainland bridge as your top priority before leaving the office, mainland needs a little bit of redesigning as the road network can no longer accommodate the hustling and bustling of the Capital, and look into the above complaints and let all the traffic/ law enforcement agencies be well prepared and oriented for the serious work ahead of 3rd Mainland bridge closure.
    Thank you Sir.
  • By Akinwunmi Gbolahan

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