Message To The Inspector General of Police

Message To The Inspector General of Police 2

Dear IG,

While i commend your efforts ,here is my brief note, Nigeria should be better under your watch as the Police Chief. The rate of Day light robbery not even night is unseen in the history of our country couple with the threat to lives is over worrisome.

The situation needed your urgent and gallant attention.

In as much I share your plights and inadequacies within the force, your importance cannot be downplayed ,hence the #EndSARS is over, we appeal to you to please use your good office to save this terrifying state of the Nigerian state.

To the Nigerian Government please the face of Nigeria police should be like this henceforth .

Message To The Inspector General of Police 3

Reform them, equip them and let them go back to service to protect lives and properties across the Nation.

Sad to inform you that sleeping with two eyes close is far from citizens.

Please, in the best interest for the Nation, act now as the number one of the Nigeria police force.

You will earn our respect the more , if you and gallant men flattened the curve of the present insecurity.

Thank You.

A Concerned Citizen,

Amb. Sunny Irakpo

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