My 6 Months Experience As An Uber/bolt Driver In Abuja

My 6 Months Experience As An Uber/bolt Driver In Abuja 2

Good Day all
My name is Jeff
I will try my best to be as detailed as I can. Please I’m not a great writer pardon my error/blunder I kuku no get the opportunity to go to school at least

Back to my topic…… September 8 2019 I took my corolla to bolt office in maitama for registration I attended their lesson I passed that same day I became a bolt driver I did my first 5 trips and I was happy, it was difficult for me as a beginner using GPS to driver for the first time.

My first 1 month was hell, all the money I made was spent on traffic offences, like wrong U-turn, touching your phone while at the traffic light, like dropping a rider in front of a market, like beating the traffic light, etc I learned the hard way

After I’ve fully understood the job and how to use GPS well, I start to enjoy the work well as I’m cashing in at least 8k daily aside from bolt commission and fuel money, I was not able to register for uber then because to book their info session training online no be small thing oh
I jejely stick to bolt alone, bolt takes 20 per cent from each ride initially it was 15%, the job is very easy and simple to do that’s if you’re using your own car but the majority of the drivers are driving for someone so they’re practically working for the car owner because they remit 25k weekly someone is doing HP(higher purchase)
Thank God for Abuja roads very OK excepts some estate in Abuja their roads are bad

My 6 Months Experience As An Uber/bolt Driver In Abuja 3

You get more requests in the morning during rush hour from 7 am till 11 am when people are going to work then from 3 pm till 9/10 pm when they’re going back home, then if you want to do the night you can do your riders will mostly run babes

While doing this job I’ve come to release those guys have a very simple lifestyle unlike girls(not all girls tho) but the majority of them

If you’re someone that has a hot temper or like respect a lot you can’t do this job oh

If a guy order a ride he will call or you call him once he comes out he will sit with you in front while you guys gist

But you see girls once they ordered if you call them they will answer you like you’re their personal driver they employed, they will go straight to the owner seat, ask you to move the front seat up a bit so they can spread leg, then while going you will hear, please stop here I want to get something in that shop 


, I want to do this I want to do that 


, I no complain sha

Since I started doing this job I’ve seen a lot oh, if you have a girlfriend working or not and you think she’s not cheating na lie joor
If your guy tells you that you’re the only one he is seeing my dear na lie oooo

Lolz married men don’t allow young girls to rest here in Abuja

I picked a very fine girl one day from a diamond bank and we headed straight to Sheraton she was going to see a man and while on our way she called her supposed boyfriend that she has closed and very tired that she’s on her way to church for evening service 

Just last week, I picked up a rider a married man with his sugar girl, on our way his wife called that their daughter sent a message from the school that she needed money for something the man agreed to send the money oh for his own daughter, the sugar girl pick offence oh inside my own car that the man told her he doesn’t have money for now but he wants to send money to his daughter, the man started explaining that it’s just small money he wants to send to his daughter, the man come de beg the girl join self Say him go take her to so many places I just de vex 

My 6 Months Experience As An Uber/bolt Driver In Abuja 4

I save 100k weekly aside from feeding, bills fueling and car maintenance

Airport trips are the best but it doesn’t come at ease

Attached is a picture of what I see this week between Monday till yesterday Friday 85k
Including bolt commission and fuel money oh

Bolt commission is 20%

Fuel money is 4k daily in 5 days it’s 20k
The rest is mine

In case you’re in Abuja you always use bolt you can contact me oh, I will be driving you to your destination

Since I started the job I’ve carried few prominent people like Mr Shogun Shewomi Atiku spokesperson, Efe big brother, and I’ve entered Villa twice 


National Assembly many times

In case you need cool relaxation places in Abuja I know many, good hotels, etc

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