NCC Orders Telcos To Effect Twitter Ban

NCC Orders Telcos To Effect Twitter Ban 2

The corporate entity, Nigeria is bigger than the Twitter platform. If Jack doesn’t want to play by the rules, we also don’t need him. Providing avenues for Terrorists to destroy Nigeria is a red line..and they have crossed it.

Twitter as a form of social media, should not be an agent for destabilization but a tool for deepening democracy and promoting good governance in Nigeria and Africa as a whole..

Twitter must respect the sovereign integrity of nations wherein they operate.

If a government had designated a group as a terrorist group, Twitter has no justification to allow such groups to propagate their rhetoric via their platform.

If Twitter has the right to remove/block anybody out of their platform for breaking their ‘rules’, countries to have the same right to ban or suspend Twitter operations in their countries as well for aiding or abetting Terrorists.

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