NDA Commandant Charges Passing Out Cadets on Total Loyalty to Armed Forces

NDA Commandant Charges Passing Out Cadets on Total Loyalty to Armed Forces 2

The Commandant Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Maj Gen. Jamil Sarham, has demanded total loyalty from passing out cadets to the Nigerian Armed Forces and the nation.
Gen Sarham gave the charge at the pre-commission lecture for cadets of Army 67 Regular Course and Short Service Course 46, on Friday in Kaduna.

He added that the nation requires total loyalty from them when they eventually get commissioned into the Armed Forces, as such they should remain apolitical and patriotic at all times.

NDA Commandant Charges Passing Out Cadets on Total Loyalty to Armed Forces 3

He said it was important for them to imbibe the tenets of faithfulness, obedience, devotion, trustworthiness, dependability, dedication and commitment to duty.

The Commandant added that the NDA has remained true to its mission to produce educated and honourable officers by providing them with military and academic trainings.

Gen Sarham explained that emphasis had been placed on discipline, honour, integrity, physical fitness and endurance as well as responsibility during the training.

He maintained that for the cadets to overcome the challenges in the field, they must abide by the core values of the Nigerian Army to succeed.

The commandant noted that the Armed forces are currently engaged in various internal security operations, as such the cadets, as junior commanders, must be ingeneous, quick witted and adaptable, to beat evolving adversary tactics and exploit all opportunities for succeed.

The Commandant also charged the cadets to embrace the virtues of courage, integrity, discipline, loyalty and selfless service.

He warned them to avoid acts capable of dragging the name of the Academy into disrepute in the remaining days before their eventual commissioning into the Armed forces.

He also reminded them to heed to President Muhammadu Buhari’s charge for the military to be patriotic and exhibit the highest level of discipline and loyalty, and to strive to keep to the tenets of the profession by remaining apolitocal.

The Career Week which is aimed at exposing the various career paths in the Nigerian Army available to the cadets saw the passing out cadets receiving lectures from representatives of the various corps in the Nigerian Army. The event also covered discussions on peace support operations.

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