Not Tinubu Alone!

Not Tinubu Alone! 2

When God wanted to set the people of Israelites free from the bondage of Pharaoh of Egypt, he Himself chose a leader, Moses, to lead the purpose. 
He chose Jesus to lead 12 disciples and Abraham the leader of the nation. Many examples abound like that in all our Holy books. So, God Himself knows the place of leadership in the affairs of human beings.
If he decides to choose Tinubu or whoever else, it is His choice. 
Yorubas must learn to accept that it is God, who chooses leaders. But, for as long as we continue to fight and destroy our own leaders, it would always be counterproductive for the ideal survival of our race. 
None of the people God had chosen to lead any race of the race of a people had or has never been perfect human beings in history. He Himself knew that Moses was not perfect, yet He chose him for the freedom of the Israelites.
 He knew that Adam was not perfect after His creation, yet He did not destroy him, rather He sent Him out of the garden of Eden to still lead and dominate the earth. That is responsible of leadership in itself.
 God, Himself hardly destroys the leaders he had chosen, rather He guides them to fulfil the mission of the assignment He gives them for His own purpose. 
The Yoruba race must continue to have leaders, or else, it would always be a rudderless and possibly ever marginalized race among the comity of other races. 
The advantage the North has over the South today is that, that region cherishes leadership and don’t do much to destroy it. After all, we all see the way the Northerners in Nigeria operates with their own leaders.
 The question is, why Tinubu! Tinubu!! Tinubu!! all the present time by the Yoruba race in their own affairs?! 
If we destroy the grace of God over his leadership style and manners, God might not be comfortable with the ugly development. 
Tinubu can’t ever be perfect, but if it is God, who chooses Him for the purpose in today’s Nigeria, we should stop struggling with the reality to bring him down against His inherent purpose for our race. We destroyed Awolowo and few others. Must we continue to destroy all of our own?! Of course, a leaderless race could always be a rudderless race for ideal development and progress.
 I know Tinubu is not perfect, but his political leadership ability is God-given and we must not continue to question the purpose of God for it. 
Another salient question is: If Tinubu were to be our biological fathers, would the situation still be like that for all the attacks, hatred and abuses some Yorubas hull on his personality and image every now and then in Yoruba land?!
As I submit here, Tinubu does not know me. I haven’t collected a dime from him before or ever met him for a favour before, but my belief is that he is a God-chosen leader in Yoruba land for His own divine purpose and mission for the Yoruba race of today. And so, we mustn’t continue to attack and destroy him any more as many Yorubas have been doing. It is unfair!
Whatever he is today in Nigeria, he worked hard to build it and we mustn’t continue to crucify him to satisfy our own desire. 
If Tinubu were to be my father, I would appreciate him for all the efforts to build his own greatness out of the huge poverty, bedevilling many Nigerian families in today’s Nigeria and working tenaciously for the political relevance and emancipation of the Yorubas race within his own capacity.
Tinubu is simply a product of the same system, which has brought all of us to the sorry state, where we are or in our country is right now.
If you see him as one of the problems of Nigeria, he is not the only one. There are many of them, who also built their greatness like that in the system. And it has happened like that, because we tolerated and allowed it over the many years.
If any of us have such an opportunity, we would also be one of the alleged problems of Nigeria today. It is about the Nigerian system all of us have been tolerating, living in and celebrating for too long.
And, we all know he is not the only seeming problems of Nigeria. The solution is to work to continue to change the system to our favour, but not to keep singling out only one person for attacks and destruction. He is not the only one.
 There is no saint or perfect Nigerian in the politics of Nigeria. We will only continue to deceive ourselves if we continue to feel so.
Atiku, Saraki, Babangida, Obasanjo, Abdulsalami, Dino Melaye, Ibori, Fashola, Fayemi, Kwakwanso, Buhari, Dangote, Asari Dokubo, Gani Adams, Falana, Fani-Kayode even many men of God we idolise today et cetera, all became the huge successes they are today through the same peculiar and corruptive Nigerian system, not only Tinubu.
So, we mustn’t continue to destroy our own, while the rest of Nigeria continue to enjoy, glorify and celebrate their own.
If Nigeria must now be reformed, as we are all yearning for it right now, then we must all ask ourselves, if we are also reformed, saintly and perfect in the way we run our affairs in Nigeria.
Are you also reformed?!
– Olukayode Salako

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