Potentiality Digest: Preface to “The Path To Greatness

Potentiality Digest: Preface to “The Path To Greatness 2

By Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem

Last week, I unveiled our plans for the launching of our upcoming book titled “The Path to Greatness.” We are intensifying our efforts to ensure that the book is available for purchase in all public domain we can afford. But before then, I will like to share some things about it with you this week and next week. What I want to share is just to let the public have a glimpse of what the book contains. Excerpt:…greatness only comes to the path of those who make the best out of their circumstances, challenges and environment.” – The Path to GreatnessOftentimes, I noticed that some people lost their purpose in life by trying to imitate other people, which makes them confine themselves to certain principles and end up imprisoning themselves and may eventually fail to ponder on what dwells in them to birth their own greatness in life. What further gives me a clear picture of this impression was what happened after the publication of our first book – Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential. Because the last title in that book was titled “Build on Success,” I was at crossroads after then because I was wondering if the book would be the final for me; or it can mark a new beginning. But a few days after the book was published, I wrote an article titled “Fulfillment as the Hallmark of True Success.” The article generated diverse opinions – positives and negatives – from various quarters which everything about it forms the basis upon which this book is written and structured. After finding out that the word “success” is one of the most enticing words human beings like to be hearing, I also discovered that it is our colleagues, friends and relatives that attribute success to us through compliments or congratulatory messages, when we record winnings, break new ground or reach a new height. Whether we are fulfilled with that success or not become nothing to them. Regardless of how we perceived success, I want us to believe that success marks the beginning of greatness; at least, it gradually paves the way for greatness, if it is pondered on. But the questions now are: How do we become great in life and can greatness be achieved overnight? To answer the first question, we become great in life by taking gradual positive steps towards our destiny, which every stage we are must be used to birth a new breakthrough. Zig Ziglar aptly put it that “There is no elevator to success—you have to take the stairs.”And to answer the second question, greatness cannot be achieved overnight, because to become great means you must believe what you are doing and you must be ready and dedicated to unravelling the secrets inherent in the process as they unfold in your path to greatness. This means that greatness only comes to the path of those who make the best out of their circumstances, challenges and environment. Therefore, for anyone to become great in life, such a person must take the step of soul-searching the mind to illuminate the gifts in it, take action towards what has been illuminated in his/her mind and be reaping the rewards of the choice he/she has made. It was Oprah Winfrey who succinctly noted these steps in her book “The Path Made Clear…” She writes, “If you look at the way God created the world, it’s always about a seed and a sprout and a flower. And then it goes back to seed. It’s always about process and unfolding.”Oprah Winfrey identified three things in the assertion above: Seed, sprout and flower. The interpretation is that God has created us to be great. But for our greatness to manifest, we must create it by discovering the seed in us; create a fertile ground for the seed to grow and develop (sprout) and achieve greatness when the seed is fully blooming to become (flowers). However, to water and nurture our seeds to bloom and become flowers means that it is the seed that is peculiar to you that you should plant on your farmland – mind.

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