#Sanwolu’s Pleading Letter to Lagosians

#Sanwolu’s Pleading Letter to Lagosians 2
Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Dearest belove great Lagosians,
Bold I am not to write you this letter of mine,
Where to start and how to start bothers my aching mind, but with courage my pen cries out aloud for me to start,

On bended knees I am in bleeding tears,
Of my own accord nothing I am but human like you,
To the God of Heaven and Earth, his name alone I plead my case with you.
From the depth of your hearts thy pains I feel.
Hold not your grief against the future I beg of you all,
Today, your voice from now will be my say.

My best I tried to do not to go against your grain,
But elements of beastiality took it for bloody day.
Sorry I am please, I ain’t here defending my self,
But to plead to all parties
Nothing last long than the language of peace.

Oh God of mercy have your mercy divine on us all,
To those whose breath finally failed them during the protest,
I pray well for you,
Your love ones pray well for you,
We patriotic Lagosians pray well for you,
Rest sweet rest on heaven’s bosom.

To those you left behind,
Words of wisdom, hope and brighter smiles,
Will heaven comfort them with, weeping will their eyes never know again.
Joyful tears divine like a healing river will flow in every heart.

To my fellow protesters,
A humble pie I beg you all eat,
Let no hatred preach violence,
Violence violates our fundamental rights,
Alive it buries us in our prime.
I grief you grief, how long must we eat the bread of grief?
The golden ray of hope let’s build with smiles.

To those my prompt curfew action must have offended,
Human I am not a super being or God,
Once more, on my bended knees I beg in passionate tears,
Let’s fight to make friends no foes.
Lagos is our London, New Mecca and Jerusalem!

Together like an unbroken bunch of brooms,
I call on all sons daughters, Friends of Lagos
The hatchet I beg let’s bury.
Let’s not give in the smiles of sorrow.
With God and his host of angels I beg please.
My Lagos, your Lagos is our Lagos.
Eko Ogbudo baje mo o!
Long live Fellow Lagosians!
Long live Great Future leaders of tomorrow.
Long live one Nigerians!

Your Executive Faithful Servant of Lagos state.
Babajide Sawolu.

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