The Economist Endorses Trump’s Opponent, Joe Biden

The Economist Endorses Trump’s Opponent, Joe Biden 2
In this combination image of two photos showing both President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Economist today published its endorsement of Joe Biden for the 2020 United States presidential election. This is the ninth time The Economist has endorsed a US presidential candidate, a practice that began in 1980 with a recommendation to vote for Ronald Reagan.

The Economist argues that Democrat Joe Biden “is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the White House. He would thus begin the long, difficult task of putting a fractured country back together again.”

On Biden’s strengths: “Much of what the left wing of the Democratic Party disliked about him in the primaries—that he is a centrist, an institutionalist, a consensus-builder—makes him an anti-Trump equipped to repair some of the damage of the past four years.”

On the outcome of the election, the editors write: “A resounding Democratic victory would also benefit the Republicans. That is because a close contest would tempt them into divisive, racially polarising tactics, a dead end in a country that is growing more diverse.”

On Trump, The Economist noted: “He has never sought to represent the majority of Americans who did not vote for him. Faced by an outpouring of peaceful protest after the killing of George Floyd, his instinct was not to heal, but to depict it as an orgy of looting and left-wing violence—part of a pattern of stoking racial tension.”

They added on Trump: “The most head-spinning feature of the Trump presidency is his contempt for the truth. All politicians prevaricate, but his administration has given America “alternative facts”. Nothing Mr Trump says can be believed—including his claims that Mr Biden is corrupt.”

The Economist also noted on Trump: “In the past four years he has repeatedly desecrated the values, principles and practices that made America a haven for its own people and a beacon to the world.”

And the editors consider the importance of the vote: “In this election America faces a fateful choice. At stake is the nature of its democracy. One path leads to a fractious, personalised rule, dominated by a head of state who scorns decency and truth. The other leads to something better—something truer to what this newspaper sees as the values that originally made America an inspiration around the world.

In his first term, Mr Trump has been a destructive president. He would start his second affirmed in all his worst instincts. Mr Biden is his antithesis. Were he to be elected, success would not be guaranteed—how could it be? But he would enter the White House with the promise of the most precious gift that democracies can bestow: renewal.”

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