YAYI, of Quintessential Strides and Exceptional Feats

YAYI, of Quintessential Strides and Exceptional Feats 2

By: Omooba Damilare Oloyede

Aside the fact that his name rings the bell across the Nigeria’s prime legislative chambers, the Senate of the National Assembly, NASS and dominate quality discourse across the length and breadth of South-West political circumference as a Senator of Senators, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, YAYI FCA has also shown capacity as a people’s Senator, competent legislator and experienced parliamentarian.

Followers of proceedings in the Senate sure know that his face is familiar on the floor of the Senate, contributing constructively to proceedings. If YAYI as the veteran lawmaker is widely called is not in his constituency attending to issues of his constituents, the thoroughbred accountant and taxation expert would be in Abuja attending to committee matters as the chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Finance – the engine room of budget’s appropriation and financial empowerment.

The most audible, loud and obvious strides and feats of Senator Adeola is his uncommon, unusual and unprecedented love for his people. Perfection is of Almighty God, but the truth is that Yayi inches close to ‘almost perfect’ in his love for his people.

Empowerment is his utmost care for his people. While many shied away from the plight of their constituents during the Coronavirus induced lockdown, Senator Yayi not only shared a lot of palliatives, he went ahead to support lot of vulnerables with cash to the aggregate sum of 50 million naira.

As Covid-19 has altered our way of living, where even schools now engage more in digital learning powered by ICT, Senator Yayi facilitated digital retraining of secondary school teachers across his senatorial district, and not less than 30 schools got a HP Laptop to enhance teaching. In a surprising furtherance, the Senator went ahead to enlist 60 battery performing students across schools in his senatorial district, and each of the students got an HP laptop as well.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that not less than 1000 school furniture including chairs and desks where distributed some months ago to schools in Lagos West. Just as about 5000 unemployed youths were trained in fisheries at a well recognised Institute of Fisheries, as a way of encouraging the youths, Senator Yayi went ahead to oblige all participants a seed fund to kick start the aquacultural enterprise.

What would you expect of a man that’s a ranking Senator, long serving legislator and dutiful standing committee chairman in the Senate. While EndSARS protest lasted and got instantaneous response from the federal government, Senator Yayi relaunched his bill against police brutality & extrajudicial killings on the floor of the Senate. Just as the protest later got hijacked by hoodlums causing lot of havoc and wanton destruction to Lagos. Considering the level of destruction caused, again the Senator has commenced his call for fora special status and special grant for #Healing and #Rebuilding Lagos.

No wonder as he continues to represent the good people of Lagos West, his biological people in Yewaland who he has always identified with, eagerly wait for him to return home, so they can officially, formally and permanently enjoy their son as the desired representative come 2023.

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